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Digital Sound System - Elevating Your Audio Experience

Welcome to Digital Sound System, the premier source of cutting-edge audio solutions.

Knowledge & Expertise

Digital Sound is a name synonymous with both high-tech and high-end audio-video and smart home solutions. We are an emerging brand in the field of specially crafted home theaters/ media rooms and audiophile nirvana in Pakistan. Our passion is to provide some of the best AV and smart home solutions available at very affordable prices. With the advent of technology there are an infinite number of gadgets available for enthusiasts to make the most of their music and motion pictures

These devices offer features so advanced that they would have seemed unbelievable a few years ago! Having so many options to select from can be an overwhelming experience. At Digital sound, we determine your specific requirements and accordingly suggest the most appropriate products available from some of the top manufacturers in the high-end audio-video world. Our specialists simplify the process for you by taking care of all the technical aspects of the build.

All you have to do is explain what your requirements are. We will take care of the rest. Ranging from multiple room audio-video networking, state of the art home automation, motorized screens and curtains, luxurious home theater furniture superbly handcrafted with impeccable attention to detail, installation of high-end audio-video equipment to turn-key home cinema projects and smart homes – we offer it all!

Our Services

Home Cinemas

  1. Custom home theatre design
  2. Audio and video system installation
  3. Projector and screen setup
  4. Surround sound system installation
  5. Calibration and optimization

Smart Home Automation

  1. Whole-home automation systems
  2. Lighting control and automation
  3. Climate control and HVAC integration
  4. Security and surveillance systems
  5. Voice control and smart assistants

Audio Distribution

  1. In-house Wi-Fi music systems
  2. Multi-room audio setup
  3. Speaker installation and calibration
  4. Streaming services integration
  5. Hi-Fi audio systems

Control Systems

  1. Smart home control panels
  2. Touchscreen interfaces
  3. Mobile app control
  4. Remote control integration
  5. Voice control integration

Customization and Integration

  1. Custom cabinetry and furniture solutions
  2. Home theatre seating and acoustics
  3. Automation integration with existing systems
  4. Custom user interfaces and control layouts
  5. Design and aesthetics consultation

Home Networking and Wi-Fi

  1. Home network setup and optimization
  2. Wi-Fi coverage and performance enhancement
  3. Wired and wireless network solutions
  4. Network security and parental controls
  5. Integration with smart devices

Maintenance and Support

  1. System maintenance and upgrades
  2. Troubleshooting and technical support
  3. Remote monitoring and diagnostics
  4. Firmware and software updates
  5. Extended warranties and service contracts
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T : (042) 111 560 111

E : info@digitalsound.com.pk


160 Sector Y Commercial Phase III DHA, lahore, Lahore, Pakistan


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