Thank you Desert Sound Team, it has been a long journey to get to the end of the project but I thoroughly appreciate your dedicated and proactive approach throughout and we are delighted with the end result and we wont hesitate to recommend you.

“Brilliant company who never fail to deliver and give support. I wish all companies and their people were as good. Thanks Karim and the guys.”

I am quite happy for the guys to say “ I told you so”! I should have gone with Desert Sound for my smart home installation when they quoted for the work during our new build but I couldn’t justify their costs as the promises made by others for substantially less money were too attractive to turn down but after 2 years of nonstop hassle and a disappointing system I had to bring in Desert Sound Solutions to salvage the situation”. I think what I am most happy about in the rescue is A that everything now works and B that they didn’t try to sell me a whole new system, the equipment I had was good it was just poorly installed and supported and seeing what the Desert Sound Team have done I can also see why they charge for a lot more time that some others as
it is clearly what actually needed to do the job properly. Lesson learned thanks for all your help guys and we won’t go anywhere else next time!

I was nervous about this purchase as I have numerous friends who have had bad experiences with Smart home installations but I knew I wanted what these systems could offer so I’m glad I took the plunge and went with Desert Sound as the system just works and we all love it. From start to finish I was always pleasantly surprised by the proactive approach and management of my expectations and I have to say on the odd occasion something has gone wrong I couldn’t ask for better service. Worth every rupee, thanks guys

It was a genuine pleasure dealing with Desert Sound from the start. Their expert knowledge was immediately evident, and they were extremely clear and articulate about what our options were for the sound system in our home. Even though it was not the biggest project Desert Sound was working on, it felt that they made a great deal of time for us, that they wanted to give us all the best options available and the team was exceptionally patient in dealing with any questions or revisions we had. The installation was completely hassle free, and a lot of that was down to the management of the project. We are absolutely delighted with the system we have ended up with, and couldn’t recommend Karim highly enough.