After Sales Support

Stage 1: Immediate help after purchase

So immediately after the purchase, our main concerns are to make sure that you have had a positive buying experience. You will never experience buyer’s remorse with us. We are
available via diverse channels, including online support forums, customer service numbers, and email.

Stage 2: Ongoing customer engagement

in a relationship that has already shown its value and you want to maintain it. This is the longest and most important part of the support timeline. We realize there will be challenges and we strive hard to assist you as best as we can. Our priority is to help you with any problems that might occur. Desert Sound believes in the use of after- sales support to help their customers revalidate their purchase experience.

Stage 3: Building a community and lifestyle

The third stage of after-sales support involves our entire community of buyers. This is the moment where “You’re not just a consumer, you’re a member of our family of customers and you share a common love of our products and services. We value you and your importance to our development.” In this way, we move from being just a seller to being a facilitator.