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NBA 2k14 Ultimate Roster Update v : June 10th, – HoopsVilla

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Looks like so much fun Great work! Just wanna thank you guys!! I’m in heaven with these post draft rosters! Can’t wait for the Atlanta jerseys.

Hey, Hawk. I’m having trouble with pack 9 – every time I copy the contents from that pack into my 2k folder, the game crashes. So, in order to rule out other problems, I started fresh: completely uninstalled the game, and then reinstalled.

I then re-downloaded packs in case anything had changed fresh, added each pack one by one, and tested the game each time. Everything works great until I add pack 9 – it seems there’s something in one of those. Any suggestions? Thanks for the roster and any help you can provide. Tried to download last night but all parts except part 10 were corrupt. I do have an idea though, actually I was coming here to OS to post the following news – so let me start with that: “I WILL release an update later today that fixes the issue with some games crashing at the end of the 1st quarter in association mode.

The problem was due to a jersey that has since been fixed. As I said above, I’ve fixed these jersey files which was causing association games to crash when they tried to preview “future matchups” during cut scenes at the end of quarters. These jerseys actually worked during gameplay though – it was just a goofy issue during quarter cut scenes. If that doesn’t work I’m genuinely stumped by the issue you’re having – mod has been downloaded by 10K people the last couple days and this is the first of it’s kind.

I’ll post when I release the update later today. Show Printable Version. Email this Page. BB code is On. Smilies are On. Trackbacks are Off. Pingbacks are Off. Refbacks are Off. All times are GMT The time now is AM. Top -. Purchase A Physical Copy – You can always purchase a physical copy of the game from your local video game store. For more information, please read this blog post. For Med’s NBA Roster, here are the files that you are required to download, with a full description on how they affect your game.

You can worry about extracting them later once you have finished downloading all of the files. As long as you have all of the following files, your NBA 2K14 will always be updated.

Once you have downloaded ALL of the files that were required. It’s time to learn where to place them all first before finally extracting the files. It is the folder where your NBA 2K14 has been installed. Everything you have downloaded except for the Appdata Files, go here. It is a hidden folder where your saves Rosters, Settings, MyCareer, etc.

The Saves folder in this folder is where you extract all Appdata Files that have been downloaded to update your NBA rosters.

Only the Appdata Files go here.



One moment, please – NBA Main Directory Files


Step 2: You must extract the files using a program called WinRar. You can download it here [www. Step 4: Copy all the game files courts, cyberfaces, scoreboards, logos, jerseys etc. Note: It will ask you to overwrite some files, select yes Copy and Replace. Note: Important do not let Steam overwrite the files or else your game will be back to normal. This roster update use custom files to update courts, jerseys, faces, etc.

Showing 1 – 1 of 1 comments. Last edited by Scrappy ; 8 Apr, am. Download Appdata – January 28th, Download Appdata – January 21st, Download Appdata – December 29th, Download Appdata – December 24th, Download Appdata – November 7th, Download Appdata – September 4th, Download Appdata – August 31st, Download Appdata – August 11th, Download Appdata – July 14th, Download Appdata – July 11th, Download Appdata – July 8th, Download Appdata – July 6th, Follow the installation guide below for more information.

Rosters, Settings and Sliders – Roster and Sliders files for the newest update v4. All official updates from 2K Sports. Features all cover athletes. You can download it HERE for free. STEP 3: Copy all the game files courts, cyberfaces, scoreboards, logos, jerseys etc. Note: It will ask you to overwrite some files, select yes Copy and Replace.

STEP 5: Done! Please read before you ask questions. If your question belongs to the list, please do not ask again. Thank you! It is not available on any other platform. Q: What files do I need to download? A: Please read the description under each download links. Q: How do I download and install these files? A: Please refer to the ‘How to Install’ section. A: Yes, all of the mods from the Medevenx series are compatible. Q: When is the next update?


NBA 2k14 Ultimate Custom Roster Update v : February 25th, – HoopsVilla – NBA Appdata Files

Download the latest NBA 2K14 Roster Update, extract the pack, read the README files, follow the instructions and put the roster files on the 2K14 Saves Folder. We provide you a step-by-step tutorial on how to download, and install Med’s NBA Roster updates for NBA 2K14 on PC. Note, this tutorial is for installing.

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