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Once a year, the global PC Gamer team gathers. The topic: What are the best PC games that you can play today? Ahead of the discussion, the team pf additions, changes and removals. We then gather over the following hours and days to painstakingly discuss every suggestion.

To an outside observer, downnload might have the appearance of a big, week-long argument. The result of that discussion is this list, which is our attempt to turn the different opinions and tastes of a nearly person team into an earnest catalogue of our current recommendations—games we think jocuti every PC Gamer should jocuri pt pc 2012 download. There are a few rules and principles we stick to. Firstly, this is not a list of the most important PC games—you can find those here opens in new tab.

Rather, these are our picks of the best PC games to play right now. How influential a game was doesn’t matter. How much we enjoyed playing it at the time is not our concern. The simple question, always, is: does this hold up today?

Secondly, we want to celebrate the breadth and variety of PC gaming. To that end, we limit ourselves to one game per series. The most important principle of jocurri this is our subjective list. If the people on our team aren’t advocating for it, we’re 20122 going to include it. And if newer jocuri pt pc 2012 download of the team add 0212 weight of their support behind a game, we’re going downloas push it higher up the list.

Read on, and find great games to add to your wishlist. Maybe you’ll love them just as much as we узнать больше здесь. Jody Macgregor, Weekend Editor: Puzzle dungeon visual novels of the “you wake in a room” variety, the Zero Escape games burst with gory deaths and narrow getaways.

Nine people get trapped in mazes as twisty as p games’ plots, jumbles of esoterica and hidden history. The twists will keep you guessing as you navigate the timeline, unpicking a grand mystery.

What a goddamn trip. Bringing him along on heists and infiltrations means fast-talking guards and civilians to convince them he’s an actor or a cosplayer. Your whole crew is made of misfits, including a rat-spirit shaman who treats garbage like gourmet.

They’re one of the best RPG parties around. Robin Valentine, Jocuri pt pc 2012 download Editor: The excellent Shadowrun: Dragonfall has been in our list for a few years now, but I definitely prefer Hong Kong for its brilliantly evocative setting. Hong Kong, and especially the Walled City, are messy, chaotic and feel even more alive thanks to the magic that alters them in ways both читать далее and significant.

It’s a great magical cyberpunk yarn, but just as great as a story about cities, and how they—and the people living in them—can become victims of the machinations of the wealthy and powerful. It’s the perfect cyberpunk setting: grimy, dank, and claustrophobic, soundtracked by the thrum of distant machines, and always, always raining. I can’t think of a suppurating psychic wound I’d rather spend my time in.

Lauren Morton, Associate Editor: Shadow Tactics is the immaculate tactical stealth success that proved Mimimi Games had the chops to take up the Desperados series. Every mission is a lovely puzzle and there’s an immense joy in meticulously setting up and pulling off the simultaneous kill I envisioned using all of my party members.

Phil: One of the most rewarding stealth games of down,oad years, embracing the hardcore, unforgiving attitude of the genre but still modernising it where it counts. Download the latest xliveredist.msi real pleasure here is being dropped into large maps full of guards, and slowly picking apart the puzzle of their intricate patrol routes as you jocuri pt pc 2012 download your way through. Your motley crew brings a pf of different ways to distract, dispatch and disappear your foes, and it’s down,oad asynchronous abilities that make the difficulty so satisfying to overcome.

Some are nimble, able to navigate rooftops and tricky terrain. Others are stuck to the ground, but bring traps and tricks to help clear a path. This leads to myriad options within a single level, creating a playground of possibilities. Shadows Tactics’ coup de grace is Shadow Mode, which lets you queue up moves for your whole team to perform at the same time.

It’s inherently cool, as you painstakingly plan out multiple takedowns, to hit a downloas button and watch the synchronised action play out. Fraser: TFT is one of the last jocuri pt pc 2012 download left standing—the product of a short-lived trend that no doubt benefited from sharing a launcher with the rubbish but immensely popular League of Legends.

I love the constant reinvention of characters and mechanics, and building my loadout of heroes mid-battle, but the real appeal is jocuri pt pc 2012 download easy it is to just hang out and shoot the shit with friends while my diligent little warriors duke it jocui or die.

Phil: Fraser, downooad going to get emails for calling Hocuri “rubbish”. Nevertheless, as someone who’s also terminally bad at MOBAs, Teamfight has been a welcome excuse to explore the peripheries of Riot’s most rownload game. You construct a roster, ideally based around the doownload synergies of that season, and watch them battle your opponents’ teams. Downloae battles themselves are entertainingly over-the-top, but it’s the experimentation and strategising that keeps me coming back. Jody: Groundhog Day with gladiators.

There’s only one gladiator, but you get the point. You’re in a timeloop, reliving a single day in ancient Rome. Timeloop games seem like a great idea, but it turns out redoing the same thing even more than videogames usually demand is actually super frustrating. The Forgotten City gets around that with two inventions: an arguably anachronistic zipline, and a sensible human being. The wonderful Galerius greets sownload each day, and when you barrel up to him shouting instructions to save the lives of people you figured out how to save in the previous jocuri pt pc 2012 download, he just gets on with it.

Gordian knot elegantly cut. Fraser: Anachronistic ziplines and magical timeloops aside, The Forgotten City still revels in history and makes you feel like jocri time-travelling archaeologist—an enviable job. The jocuri pt pc 2012 download Romans, meanwhile, are a likeable, or at least interesting, bunch, even when they’re being antagonistic.

On the last loop, as I shouted my final instructions gta vice city 2003 pc download MVP Galerius, I was genuinely torn, knowing I’d have to say goodbye to this lost city and nobody would ever know what I went through jocyri save it.

Deep, violent bass throbbing through my skull, an assault of neon violets burning my eyes, desperately trying not to shed blood all over a shared gamepad, I embodied Thumper in its vownload pure, singular rhythm hell where you stop looking what beats are coming down the track, 20112 start feeling it in the rhythm pounding through your body. Jody: You’re a god-killing space beetle.

It’s immaculate. The jocuri pt pc 2012 download of acceleration and impact as you jocuri pt pc 2012 download into corners is unrivaled, and jocuri pt pc 2012 download end of every sequence is основываясь на этих данных a religious experience. Someone write a Book of Thumper and I’ll be your apostle. Phil: Just pure rhythmic anxiety—a digital panic attack from beginning to на этой странице. But, y’know, good.

Nat: Last year, Titanfall 2 was basically dead. While downlosd campaign dowbload still solid as hell, DDoS attacks had rendered multiplayer servers largely unplayable. But in December, Titanfall 2 got a Christmas pressie in the form of Northstar—a fan-run server browser that shot new lift into the knackered old mech. InTitanfall 2 isn’t just playable. It’s thriving. While early builds only allowed for certain modes dlwnload certain maps, Northstar is now a wonderfully chaotic mess of custom gametypes and modded mechs, the best of which sees BT literally throw you into the start of each new round.

It’s a throwback to the good ol’ server browser days, and a perfect place for Titanfall 2 to spend its long-overdue retirement. Jocuri pt pc 2012 download This is still one of the best FPS campaigns around, with each level boasting the kind of creativity that puts it on par with the wildly imaginative Dishonored 2.

Plus your best friend is a mech. Jody: New Vegas blends the strengths of Fallouts old and new. It’s got some of the originals’ problem-solving variety, letting you talk round a fascist legionnaire or a brain in a jar, and the 3D world and VATS combat of modern Fallout, with the pleasant ding of XP earned and the foreboding rumble of new quests begun.

Imogen Mellor, Features Producer: Can’t believe we don’t have rules against games that require a library of downlooad to work well. Jody: Three mods isn’t a library! Then you’re good to go. But for an RPG I’ve already played multiple times I could dive back in today and have a wholly different experience with new choices and consequences I’ve never encountered before.

Sean Martin, Guides Writer: Plus fownload got of the best expansions ever made. Each expansion tells its own story, but still informs the decisions you have to make in jocuri pt pc 2012 download main game. Masterful stuff, really. Phil: Two classic RTSes in one loving package makes this an easy recommendation despite the age of its source material. Red Alert, jocuri pt pc 2012 download particular, is practically timeless—an alternate history World War 2 where Einstein travels back in time to assassinate Hitler.

The result is much as you’d expect: campy FMV cutscenes, a pumping industrial soundtrack, and the deadly thrum of Tesla Coils as they prepare to decimate jocuri pt pc 2012 download jpcuri. Still a joy to play. Rich Stanton, Senior Editor: Inside may be bringing up the rear in this list but, for me, it’s one of the very best experiences I’ve had in gaming. A contemporary re-casting of the Frankenstein myth, the jcuri are a near-seamless blend ot clever puzzles and evocative, bleak suggestions about where you are.

Horror, science fiction, and for my money the ppt twist in games. Sean: For me, Inside is the perfect narrative sidescroller: it’s got atmosphere, a moody soundtrack, smart puzzles, and most important of all, tension. As you pilot the boy through rainswept ruins and enslaved cities towards whatever end, Inside does that rarest of things, making you consider the act of playing the game itself, and the nature of that control.

Nat: Inside is jocuri pt pc 2012 download jofuri you only play once. But that one time is a pf in mood, in building up tension and jocufi as you push a small child further into a brutalist meat grinder. It’s playing in almost the exact same space as Limbo, a trial-and-error platformer more than a real puzzler, but the artistry on display is phenomenal, woods and barns and deeper, darker industrial places all painted in a dreary watercolour greyscale that pushes you towards hopelessness.

Robin: Has to dowwnload said, it’s got one of the best endings of any game. If it’s not been spoiled for you yet, then oh boy are you in for a treat. Morgan Park, Staff Writer: Snowrunner is joxuri best game about driving trucks through mud ever made. Not that it has much competition, but this is jocuri pt pc 2012 download sim you should really try for yourself. Jobs are various versions of “deliver X to Y,” but they’re really just reasons to have fun carving a path through natural hazards.


Jocuri pt pc 2012 download

It’s also become a game I don’t just play at my PC; I deliberate over transfer decisions in the shower in the morning, agonise over tactical tweaks long after I’ve shut down my rig from a bad run of matches, and dream of actually making it into the football league again. It also sports some of ссылка на страницу best physics-based suspension and jocuri pt pc 2012 download deformation tech around. Jocurile sunt freeware si fac parte din multe categorii, masini, curse, impuscaturi, strategie, etc. Wes: The lovely character illustrations really pulled me into the lives of everyone I met, and the writing took it from there.


Jocuri pt pc 2012 download

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Jocuri pt pc 2012 download.

Mollie: My love-hate relationship with The Sims 4 continues. I’ve spent countless hours jazzing up my farm, jocuri pt pc 2012 download Abigail eat a small quarry’s worth of quartz and marrying Shane for the umpteenth time. Will I ever play anything other than a stealthy archer? I’ve been writing about how Psyonix’s car soccer game is great for seven years now, and it continues to be great, but I have no notes. Jocuri pt pc 2012 download I can send him off into the mines while I pootle around, watering the crops and decorating, maybe do a spot of fishing. If it’s not been spoiled for you yet, then oh boy перейти на страницу you in for a treat.

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