Charles Darwin and the Tree of Life – David Attenborough – video Dailymotion

Charles Darwin and the Tree of Life – David Attenborough – video Dailymotion

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Charles darwin and the tree of life bbc download. Charles Darwin and the Tree of Life

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In a few scrawled notes to a friend, biologist Charles Darwin theorised how life began. It might be one of science’s greatest hunches. The scientific foundation for slavery was ripped away, much to Darwin’s satisfaction. Download Free PDF View PDF · Reading Human Nature: Literary Darwinism in. Charles Darwin and the Tree of Life is a documentary about Charles Darwin and his revolutionary theory of evolution by natural selection.


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Thu 1 Oct Sat 11 Jun Sun 12 Jun Wed 20 Jul Thu 29 Sep Tue 31 Jan Thu 29 Mar Sun 7 Jul Mon 8 Jul Sun 1 Nov Fri 30 Sep Tue 21 Mar Thu 1 Feb Featured in Learn more with The Open University. By format: Documentaries. Celebrating a year of Darwin anniversaries, ‘The Tree of Life’ addressed the question, who do you think you are? Genealogy has always fascinated us. Now genetics has comfirmed what Darwin proposed – not only are all human beings related to each other, but all life on the planet has its place on one spectacularly huge family tree.

This clip goes right to the roots of that family tree. And it enables us to construct with confidence the complex tree that represents the history of life. It began in the sea, some 3, million years ago.

Complex chemical molecules began to clump together to form microscopic blobs: cells. These were the seeds from which the tree of life developed. They were able to split, replicating themselves as bacteria do and as time passed they diversified into different groups. Some remained attached to one another so that they formed chains – we know them today as algae.

Others formed hollow balls which collapsed upon themselves creating a body with an internal cavity. They were the first multi-celled organisms — sponges are their direct descendents.

As more variations appeared, the tree of life grew and became more diverse. Some organisms became more mobile and developed a mouth that opened into a gut. Others had bodies stiffened by an internal rod.

They understandably developed sense organs around their front end. A related group had bodies that were divided into segments with little projections on either side that helped them to move around on the sea floor. Some of these segmented creatures developed hard protective skins which gave their bodies some rigidity. So now the seas were filled with a great variety of animals. Edit Edit. Lightbulb Lightbulb. Episodes Related Details.

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