[Bug listing with status RESOLVED with resolution OBSOLETE as at /12/31

[Bug listing with status RESOLVED with resolution OBSOLETE as at /12/31

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[Cgminer 3.6.6 windows download

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This page hosts unofficial universal binaries for Mac OS X Original documentation and author notes for cgminer are available here.

Mavericks The cooling design of most compact Macs such as MacBooks, iMacs and Mac Minis, despite having powerful GPUs, will usually not cope with constant usage leading to a high risk of thermal damage. It is highly recommended not to mine on a “compact” Mac unless it is to a USB device. If your are having problems with cgminer recognizing your devices, you may have conflicting third-party USB drivers installed on your Mac.

Formatting fixes for miner. There’s a workaround in this version to minimise the risk of the man-in-the-middle attack wimdows redirecting продолжение здесь to a different pool you don’t want to be hashing on.

Stratum reconnect will only honour the request if the reconnect is to a server with the same domain name. Fix a major winsows leak which mostly affected hashfast users. Fix for a failed connection after a redirection that would then wundows return. Devices with unique serial numbers of 4 or more characters will now be displayed by their serial number in the status bar.

A1 driver updates. Full changelog here. Download full package downloads. Spondoolies driver. Note this is for dedicated hardware attached to a beaglebone so the code should not be compiled into a generic use-everywhere binary. Add API output for doqnload driver. Add cgmoner to spondoolies API output.

Fix for solo mining to detect when we are mining on an downloae cgminer 3.6.6 windows download and switch to the correct one. Fix for syslog. Fixes for building on windows. Much faster startup for hashfast devices, the more devices the bigger the speedup. Cgminer 3.6.6 windows download network outages the devices hashrate would appear static, this has been fixed. Did a major rewrite of the code that writes and parses the config files. Now if you choose [W]rite from the cgminer 3.6.6 windows download S]ettings menu it should write most cgminer 3.6.6 windows download the options you’ve given on the command line.

Some options were never written correctly and cgminer 3.6.6 windows download weren’t written at all previously. Changed the wiindows display to http://replace.me/12092.txt on the most important screen and not toggle by default, but it can be re-enabled via the [D]isplay menu. The hashrate line for per-device also includes the Work Utility по этому сообщению the end now instead wnidows the alternate screen to cgminer 3.6.6 windows download fit within 80 columns.

Added a –widescreen option by request which does not toggle and shows all information. The –device and –remove-disabled commands have been removed. They are a hangover from the GPU days and choosing dgminer with this command does not give any meaningfully reliable way of choosing devices. BXF bits can downnload be configured on the command line in case people wish to push the maximum for hardware modded devices normally Solo miners can now add their own signature of up to 32 characters to the coinbase cgminer 3.6.6 windows download the –btc-sig option.

Fixed getwork share submission which was broken for cgminer 3.6.6 windows download rare pools remaining that still use it. Fix for memory leaks when cgminer 3.6.6 windows download solo Fix for a rare corruption possibility with solo mining.

Support for a whole lot more USB hubs on windows. Added rules for using cointerra on PC in case anyone besides me actually does this. Dosnload the hashrate meter to be cgminer 3.6.6 windows download more reliable internally. Added rolling hashrates for 1 min, 5 min and 15 mins to the main display and per device to the API as well.

Revamped the display since it was getting too wide: It now is back to the narrower size it was a few versions ago and chminer between the different data at regular intervals based on the opt log interval variable. Toggling can be disabled via the Display menu. Added serial cgminer 3.6.6 windows download to the unique identifier on-screen when http://replace.me/15197.txt exists instead of an arbitrary device number. This currently only tags hashfast, cointerra and BF1 devices which have serial numbers.

Support reading configuration files with -c command from web URLs. Fixes for building with libcurl disabled. Other minor bugfixes and trivial changes. Bitcoind did not like lots of persistent connections at once downpoad it would fall over if more than one cgminer instance was trying to mine at the same time from the one bitcoind instance.

Cgminer now opens and closes the connection every time it talks to bitcoind allowing any number of cgminer instances to mine solo from the one instance. Gcminer working with TH of miners aimed at the one bitcoind Big endian hosts like the antminer S1, avalon did not work with solo mining. Solo mining setups will not mine unless a btc cgminer 3.6.6 windows download is specified now, and the address is displayed on startup if it exists.

Solo mining disconnections to bitcoind are handled better, not spawning more polling threads every failure. Low level optimisations for solo mining AntminerS1 fixes to decrease CPU usage and actually honour overheat conditions. Build fixes for avalon2 miner. Low dkwnload ultra-scaleable solo mining to bitcoind Massive improvements to mining efficiency when using pooled GBT mining. Fix for Icarus devices such as antminer U1 or block erupters being switched off and not restarting.

More accurate hashrates on cointerra devices, with a more reliable bitmap of working cores and now a cfminer Per cgkiner cointerra hashrates Fix for memory leak on hashfast devices. Fix for crashes on multiple failed inits on hashfast devices.

Cgminer 3.6.6 windows download linux we no longer use sysv semaphores to prevent multiple instances dosnload cgminer trying to use the same device, meaning you will no longer run out of semaphore resources or have failures to grab devices on restarting. Numerous other low level fixes cgminer 3.6.6 windows download improvements. Zero stats will now show the correct average hashrate per device. Fixed the high CPU usage which led to eventually slowing down of hashrates over time.

Respect the -Q value by slightly changing its meaning to be the highest value it can reach, defaulting to Regular users need not do anything with this value. Fix cgminer shutting down and hanging when a grossly invalid stratum message is received. Fix cointerra hashrate display спасибо via vt6421a ide & sata raid pci controller card driver download моему show a share based hashrate so that the displayed hashrate should match the pool hashrate.

Hashfast improvements: Dramatic decrease in CPU usage cgminer 3.6.6 windows download all existing firmwares since they читать статью internally nroll time.

Latest version now works with older 0. Changed the priority of various threads to bias downpoad work generation instead of giving the mining threads priority. Fixed a crash windwos a device drops out during an attempt to initialise Ava2 voltage detection Show the device number on the left without padding Fixes for devices that ended in OFF state instead of dropping out to allow them to hot downlload Hashfast changes Devices that are re-hotplugged are recognised by their name or serial number if possible and appear cgminer 3.6.6 windows download as the same device number on screen More information in API stats Updated udev rules file to allow regular users to update firmware Fixes for corrupt message reading and runs of crc errors Ability to disable the core shedding feature in eindows firmware Numerous low level fixes Full changelog here.

Cointerra driver Bitmine A1 driver [not included in Mac build] Avalon2U driver Wider status window ANU devices aka AntminerU1 usb sticks will now take any arbitrary frequency with –anu-freq and cgminer will try to find the nearest frequency it can set it to, instead of being restricted to 25MHz increments. Hashfast restarts should be a little more reliable Klondike, avalon, bab, drillbit will display more info on screen Downloaf that silently drop stratum shares submitted will not induce a memory leak in cgminer If no connection is present at startup, cgminer will be able to connect to a dead pool later when it comes download winrar portable.exe. Fix winsows couple of potential hangs Temperature for devices that support it will dowjload show up in the api devs command Icarus and bitfury devices that stop producing cgminer 3.6.6 windows download will now be sent a reset after a minute of no activity, and if they do not respond within another minute will be dropped, allowing winxows to attempt to re-hotplug them.

This has been proven effective at bringing back U1 wondows that stop hashing. Fix for the sitting idle doing nothing bug. Add temperature windowz API devs downloav for hash fast devices Full changelog gcminer. Brought back USB reset attempts on communication errors. Fixed the need for adding icarus-timing when overclocking antminer U1devices.

Dynamic temperature based fanspeed and per-die clockspeed control for hashfast devices with the following new commands. The output downllad be watched via the API. Enduring sweltering temperatures of up to 44 degrees here has made for an excellent real world test for this code.

Lots of extra information in the hashfast API stats output. Hashfast serial number is shown as a hex value now. Better hashfast flushing of work on restarts – new firmware will build further on this.

Antminer U1 overclocking support http://replace.me/9767.txt –anu-freq note: By default, Antminer U1 devices run at a cgmnier of This cgminer 3.6.6 windows download allows you to specify a chosen frequency to attempt to run all ANU devices at and the value must be in increments of In the worst case scenario it will fail to start at too high a speed.

Added a way to zero other stats within each driver when the zero stats command is given though no driver currently uses it. Fix one stale work item being passed to drivers after a block адрес страницы. Fix a rare cgminer 3.6.6 windows download crash Pool diffs that are fractions only show dwonload decimal place now. In debug mode a message will show up if there are substantial delays in getting work.

Fix for massive data over the API Other random fixes. Windoss U1 support Numerous fixes for behaviour surrounding USB errors – pipe and IO errors, and no more attempting to cgminer 3.6.6 windows download the device since it’s rarely helpful and occasionally harmful. Libusb and libusbx have finally reconciled their differences and merged all their fixes together into a new official libusb release, so the жмите change in this version is updating the core code to include this latest libusb.

Hopefully this might increase compatibility with some USB3 hubs on windows and make it more reliable based on the changelogs I can see in libusb. This is the reason for the minor version downliad update to 12 as it’s quite a substantial code change, hopefully only for the better! Increased the hashfast overheat limit cgminer 3.6.6 windows download to 90 after extensive cgminer 3.6.6 windows download with the engineers who designed the devices.

Fixed посетить страницу источник crash in the nanofury USB stick code.


mining hardware – Device not found. NO GPU output 3 Computers same issue? – Bitcoin Stack Exchange

Fix for Icarus devices such as antminer U1 or block erupters being switched off and not restarting.


Cgminer 3.6.6 windows download

Fixed the bxf device to align in the display column if temperature went above degrees. Post cgminer 3.6.6 windows download a guest Name. In debug mode a message will show up cgminwr there are substantial delays in getting work. The output can be watched via cgminer 3.6.6 windows download API. During network outages the devices hashrate would appear static, this has been fixed. If we switch away from a pool in failover mode, we will now only switch back to it if it’s up for at least 5 minutes to avoid reconnecting to pools that cgmienr only intermittently up – good for DDoS situations which we’ve seen a lot of lately. Dramatically improved communications for USB1.


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